Testimonial for Shefali by Head of Business Intelligence at Inmarsat (November 2016)

I met Shefali at a technology event, and my first impression of this meeting was how clever it is for recruiters to come along to a technology event, and my first impression of Shefali’s “role” was “oh not another pestering recruitment company”.

However, my first impression of Shefali as a person was not like any other, she showed friendliness, and her style and approach of dealing with people was exemplary, and she was not at all pushy.

She demonstrated very quickly her easy-going nature-I actually thought that she was the company’s founder and thought that this is somebody I could definitely work with.

Shefali is very good at building and maintaining relationships, and she also has an understanding of the technology space that she works in, Shefali was able to effectively place a number of short and long-term contractors, as well as placing a permanent member of the team at Inmarsat.

The key difference that Shefali possesses is that she likes people, and she likes to understand what people want, she likes what she does, and she does this extremely well, she listens and acts accordingly – she even spends the time to meet her candidates prior to placing, and even after with regular catch-ups with her candidates and her clients.

All in all, I am glad that I met with Shefali at that technology event, and our friendship has grown stronger over the past 6 years, and I look forward to continue working with Shefali.